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An Organized Move

When making a move, whether it is a small one from an office to another, or a big more, from a 3 bedroom house to a new one, organization is the key to success. Imagine what it would be like to get to your new place and open the moving truck only to realize that you have no idea what is in any of the boxes. What if you open a box labeled kitchen and mixed in with the plates are bathroom toiletries? Before making your move plan ahead by assigning jobs, packing boxes correctly, and then load the moving truck in order. Organizing your move will save you a lot of time, and keep your stress level at a minimum.

When planning a move, figure out how many people will be helping and what they are capable of helping with. Discuss the things that need to be accomplished before the move date with your helpers. Children under twelve shouldn’t be in charge of packing their own rooms as things can get broken that aren’t packed securely. People with certain disabilities or ages sixty and over may not be able to perform some of the needed tasks, so keep that in mind. If everyone knows their duty, things will go along smoothly.

An important part of planning for a move is packing the boxes correctly. An easy way to do this is to keep things from a certain area of a room in the same box. An example would be that things on the bookshelf go into the same box or supplies from under the kitchen sink stay together in the same box. This is important when unpacking because it is less confusing and less time consuming. Another way of packing boxes that can be helpful is putting certain items of everyone’s together. An example would be putting everyone’s clothes together into one large box, and then separating them after the move. Whichever method you choose will help greatly. Also remember to label each box on all four sides according to what is in it and what room is goes to.

Now comes one of the most important parts of moving, loading the truck. You can find moving truck guides that can provide great information on anything you may need to know about loading and driving them. A general rule is to load the furniture following the boxes. This is because you’ll want to take furniture in and set it up in the rooms before bringing in boxes which will get in the way. It is much easier to move around the house without tripping over boxes. When loading the boxes, put ones together that go into the same room or area of the house. An easy way to ensure that things such as large mirrors or pictures with glass frames stay safe and secure is to place them between a mattress and box spring set. You can ask experienced movers for other moving tips that they have picked up.

After going through the motions listed above, moving will have seemed like a breeze. If all moving helpers keep up with their duties, everything is labeled, and the truck is loaded with organization, you will save many hours of labor. Make your moving experience one to remember with careful planning and organization.

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