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A Guide to Moving Your Belongings Safely

There are specific ways to load a moving truck in order to ensure that every one of your possessions arrives to your destination safely and in one piece. This moving guide will help you by listing do’s and don’ts so that your belongings will get to your destination safely. Using this guide will allow you to pack as much of your things in the truck while still maintaining breathing room for your objects.

Packing your things into a moving truck is sort of like piecing a puzzle together. All the furniture that you own should be packed together as closely as possible; putting this furniture too closely will make these things crushed and may even break some of your things. Thus piece your furniture together closely but not that closely. It is a good idea to cover your furniture with something soft such as a blanket, pillows, or moving company provided moving pads. Wedge these soft things between the furniture in order to minimize the furniture moving and to minimize the chance of breaking and crushing.

Remember to pack in the largest objects such as your fridge, mattresses, and other large objects first in the moving truck. This is so that you can fit all the small objects and that if you are to place your large items in the back of the truck, there may be dragging of the track onto the road. For drawers, cabinets, and other things with drawers, you should place these furniture up against the truck wall with the drawer facing outward so that the wall will block the drawers from closing. For fragile objects such as tvs, computers, and other easily breakable things, there may be a small space above the truck rental that is designed to keep these things safe during travel. Use this space to your advantage.

Some more hints are to position your boxes so that they are the same weight and size. This is so that when you stack these boxes on your truck, the weight will be evenly dispersed. In addition, keep a suitcase or a traveling case with cleaning supplies and other hygienic items in the back of the truck. This is so that you when you open your truck, you’ll have your supplies all ready to go. Hopefully this moving guide will allow you to safely move your belongings into your new home.

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