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It’s never easy to plan a move effectively and efficiently. Whatever maybe the size or nature of the items, the entire process involves meticulous planning to avoid unnecessary wastages and damages. Right from the beginning, the mover has take into account the availability of transport, ease of access for the transport company, relocation distance and other such important factors. Hence, it is imperative to plan right and constructively.

Once, the problems of hiring the right mover have been sorted out, it’s more or less confirmed that the mover will hire the right transport. But what if the mover comes with unimaginable quotes, the whole moving plan may have to re-work for an issue which was missed out earlier in the planning process. Here is where the issue of hiring the packers and transport separately comes in the limelight. The movers are available generally in plenty but often in the suburbs or the country, getting the right truck rental quotes may be a tad difficult. With the rising costs of transport and truck hiring, the move may burn a hole in the hiring party’s pocket.

The best way to thus go about planning the shift in such a scenario would be to hire the transport first. Thus, the whole exercise budget would get sorted out depending upon the whole hiring cost. Cheap truck rentals are easily available on the yellow pages as well internet listings. It would be a great idea to check out all the available truck hiring companies in the neighborhood. Further, getting hiring quotes depending on the load and distance would also help target the shifting budget.

Truck rental quotes would thus be instrumental in deciding the right truck company to hire. It would be prudent to fully establish the credentials of the company as well. Records of past work as well meeting some regular clients would help in understanding the truck hiring company’s business values. Also, the state of the transport fleet would also help in getting a good understanding of the operating philosophy of the company. Needless to state, the company’s transport fleet condition would be a good indicator of what to expect. Insurance in such a case should definitely be worked into the contract.

Once, the truck rental issue has been worked out, the next obvious step is to finalize the packing company. In such a case, the need to get quotes again becomes relevant. This would help as before in sticking to the budget. The packing company should also be able to suggest the most cost effective ways to package the whole move. Professional packers would also be able to guide the mover effectively about article damage insurance.



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